DIY Tips to Clean your Rugs

DIY Tips to Clean your Rugs - The Rugs

We catch infections and suffer from diseases when we step out of our house.' Majority of us hold this stereotypical belief. Has anyone of you thought if there are any threats existing within the four walls of your sweet little home?

Just like you wash your clothes to maintain personal hygiene, it is of utmost importance to keep your indoor environment neat and clean as well. Carpets and doormats which are commonly found in every household require healthy maintenance otherwise it can pose severe threats to your well-being. Following instructions for carpet cleaning not only keeps your surroundings hygienic but also increases the lifespan of your carpet. It helps you avoid allergies caused by germs in your house thus making it odour free.

Therefore we bring forth few simple steps which you can take to make sure that the indoors remain clean and healthy:

- As it is said, prevention is the best cure. So, avoid covering the floor in places like the living area where many people gather usually. Also do not cover the floor around shoe racks to avoid unnecessary spread of filthy germs.

- Do not walk on the carpet wearing footwear as it may leave minute dirt particles on your carpet which can seep down the layers of its cloth.

- Lay doormats at the entrance to ensure that majority of the dirt is gotten rid of at the entrance itself. Wash the doormats frequently and at the same time, do not use too many mats indoors to avoid spilling of dirt.

- Do not rub the stains on your carpet harshly as it can spread and make the fiber weak.

- Using heat in any form like that of an iron or hair dryer is not advisable to clean a carpet stain as it could then become permanent.

- Steam cleaning is a viable option for carpets. A deep cleaning machine can be used to get best results. One can also seek professional help.

- Have your carpet cleaned twice a year. It is best recommended to be done during spring and summer seasons as carpet beetles and bugs sneak in under your carpet during this time.

- Remove the spills quickly so that they don't become stains. Natural remedies like using lemon juice and a salt solution or normal water and vinegar can be helpful in removing spills.

- Always make use of mildest solutions available. Use strong chemicals only for stubborn stains.

- Nonetheless, vacuum your carpet at regular intervals with a good quality vacuum cleaner.

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