How To Select Rugs for Small Places

How To Select Rugs for Small Places - The Rugs

A perfectly chosen area rug can bring an incredible feeling for a room, it can bring warmth, comfort and the sensational serene for conversational mood; it can inspire a great color palate and bring a style to your new home. However the first step one takes determines the entire feeling, this can be changed by having the best-planned spacing area and correct measurements for the rug that can fit in the places you desire.

The guideline here is for you to use while choosing a perfect area rug, from the correct area rug size to putting them in the right place.   

Determinants of Small Area Rugs

  1. What is the aim of decorating the room?

Buying small area rugs helps in accomplishing two major things, one unifying a space or defining free spaces in a room; for a cohesive look especially in a bit large room, one big rug that can fit all items can work for the best in unifying the room. Also for unity with one concept of good looking room small pieces of area rugs can help to make them room more lively.

  1. Have the shape of the room for a perfect match?

Most dining rooms have a round shape, therefore, a well-patterned round rug that fit all the dining furniture; does a miracle to such rooms however for a small living room and bedroom rectangle and square rugs that match the rooms are the better options for the room placement.

  1. Visualise the rooms shape and rug’s color before purchasing!

The picture of the rooms and doors especially their shapes and sizes before purchasing the rugs greatly determines the beauty and the exact fitting rug for them.

Furthermore, when choosing this one needs to consider the furniture layout to be achieved, this can be done by checking the living room, dining room, entrances, hallways and the bedroom.

The Entrances-

Area rugs for most entrances especially for the outside doors are supposed to be inviting and more of shaggy in texture hence hand-tufted rugs are more super as a doormat because most of them might not necessarily go with the color but with the owners, preference and taste this type of rugs are great to show off. This is because your guest can see from the entry your taste of fashion and style preferably bold and patterned rugs are the best that is because they are more attractive. Rugs for bedroom entry should portray beauty and romance since this area determines the house happiness and joy, by having these in mind the rugs type and taste for the bedroom door increases the rooms beauty, however, the color, size, and taste matters a lot while choosing for this specific space.

A Small Living Room-

Living rooms are supposed to be warm, comforting and more of it welcoming hence the rugs here are to be well fitted in there considered positions as the planned layout especially for the furniture in the living room. This layout greatly depends on the wall and furniture color to help find the best suitable rug that matches the whole room and the furniture more considerately the rugs here should be entertaining and noise absorbing of the traffic for the visitors comfort. Small living rooms can be well fitted with great looking small rugs that are if all the spaces are well utilised according to the rug size.

Sometimes on choosing this type of rug some people may have the interest of making all furniture legs to be well fitted on the rug while others prefers only the front legs to be on the rug, in this case, if it for all legs the rug purchased should at least extend beyond the furniture legs a bit; but it’s only for the front legs then the rug should well measure not to extend at any angle.

Dining Room-

The option here is only one the dining table and chairs should be well fitted on the rug, the rule here is to include a bit of luxury, drama and personality while having the guest in mind for they contribute a lot to the kind of rugs to be kept around the dining room as it brings about appetite in conjunction with the shape of the dining. To be more appropriate the dining furniture should be proportionately at the center of the rug. Hence small enough size rug that extends its pattern and color at the edge of the dining furniture is great to be a priority.

Small Bedroom rugs-

Area rugs for a good bedroom should be appealing and calm; some bedroom rugs might cover up for all the small bedroom size while others are just for the foot in that one have the feeling of stepping on the rug once they wake up from the beds to the washrooms or even to the living. Apparently, the rugs for the bedside should be well tufted, and a bit shaggy and soft for the great feeling as one wakes up or in kneeling down to pray besides their beds. A central bedding position requires a rug on the both sides of the bed as they greatly help in making the bedroom to be unified in one awesome looking room.

Children’s playing room-

The rugs here are to be simple and dull in color but soft and attractive in the sense of texture and patterns that make the kids attracted to sit and play on them. They should be placed at the center of the room; should be small but big enough for kids to sit on them comfortably however they should never extend to the wall so that the kids can find it easy accessing their small playing toys that may have ducked under the rug.

Kitchen Rugs-

The measurements here are précised since most kitchen rugs are always around the fridge and the sink, they should always be Shaggy and slippery free due to water and other cooking fluids; this helps to prevent one from various kitchen accidents. However, the rugs should be small and to the exact foot size for cohesive look and appearance.

Bathroom Door Area Rug-

Most bathrooms are slippery due to the use of tiles on both the walls and the floor this making it more dangerous. If one slip and fall after taking a shower but if the bathtub is provided with small shaggy or patterned area rug that helps in absorbing water from our feet as one gets out of the shower. Thus apart from absorbing water the bathroom rug also bring an appealing look to the shower area and makes it lively.

Other spaces that require small rugs are places like the balcony of which in most cases both adults and kids love to spend their evening time around hence the rug for this area should be soft and tender. The rug should also be a bit dull since most of the time people may tend to sit on them or stand on them as they are having an evening chat or tea or even views. The hallway or footpaths in the house can also be of good taste for a rug, though the rug for this area should not extend to the other areas such as the furniture the color and patterns here should blend well with the dining and living room rugs. They should be approximately 18 inches away from the walls and the other rugs in the chamber.

Additional Tips:

Now that you how to choose a rug for your small rooms how about the selections, well before you settle down to have your house furnished with different rugs, here are considerations.

  1. The texture or material of the rug to be purchased, this will help to know the durability of the rug and quality of which it’s made of.
  2. The color, before ordering for a rug you should be in a position to describe the correct color that suits your rooms and furniture that you got otherwise you may end up having a wrong delivery after payment.
  3. Sizes, the type, and size of each rug should be well measured before any purchase could be made or before ordering for any of the rugs that help with the accurate delivery.

After considering the three tips, you can visit different storehouse or rug shops or even check online for the best options and prices, with all this in mind; you will find fair prices and good quality rugs that are suitable for your rooms.

One may also consider buying a cowhides, sheepskins and other hide rugs, which of course a good taste since they fit in with stereotype lifestyle.

You may also find a top carpet with a rug; this helps to define a space within a space, it’s also clever to describe a sitting room with a large living room.

Break the bare floor border rules; here you may consider buying small area pieces of rugs to create a modern look in your living room by choosing well-patterned rugs with designs.


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