Why Should You Buy A Rug?

Why Should You Buy A Rug? - The Rugs

The advantages of one owning a rug are just too many to dispute the fact that every person should use a rug or carpet for your house/home, and this is not because we have the best prices. I’m trying to make a sale; these are genuine reasons as to why each person needs at least one rug in their lovely homes.

The first reason why I believe that you should buy a rug is that rugs enhance the décor available in your house making it more appealing. I run into people all the time who think that the hardwood floors in their house are so beautiful and should not be covered by anything. I, however, tend to have a different opinion with people who think like this because you could get a rug that will enhance the look of that hardwood floor you have. I mean you could get a bright rug if the floor is made from African dark wood this will give your room a contrasting look and it also works vice versa when you get a black rug for your bright mulberry floor. They also improve the ambiance inside your house, some carpets and or rugs have beautiful embroidery on them and sometimes just looking at the rug in the particular part of the house makes you feel pretty good. So rugs don’t just look good on the display wall in a store they look good on the floor as well, and you should get one for your floor.

Also, you could use the rug to cover up certain areas of the floor that don’t look good. Have you ever moved into an apartment that had everything great in it until you got to the kitchen, where you found a weird stain on the floor, and you thought to yourself “no wonder he didn’t want us to stay in the kitchen too long.” If this situation describes you, then you shouldn’t worry because you can pop into a store and buy a rug that you could use to cover that stain or blotch up. However, if it is more than that, then you should probably call your landlord to avoid any serious accidents from occurring.

This next reason to me is the most obvious reason why anyone would want to buy a rug; rugs keep people’s feet comfortable. Have you ever woken up late in the night needing to pee after you had one too many glasses of orange juice before bed? You walk into the toilet, and because of the hard tile floor in the bathroom, you were woken up completely well if you had a rug in there that would not have happened? Not only do rugs look good they are also very comfortable especially in rooms that have floors that aren’t necessarily pleasant to walk on barefoot. If your one of those people who doesn’t like wearing slippers inside the house then just get a couple of rugs and you should be set.

Do you remember how much echo you had in your house on moving day, I’m sure that as you walk through nowadays, the echo is almost if not completely over. This is because the echo is absorbed by the furniture, window treatments and rugs you add in the house if you walk down a hallway in your house and can still hear an echo a rug will help reduce that. So yes rugs do reduce echo especially in areas of the house where you can’t realistically put pieces of furniture in like hallways because it might get too crowded you should most definitely get a rug or carpet put in.

Apart from looking good and reducing the echo in your apartment rugs can also be used as safety equipment in the house. Before you write me off take note of what I have to say, the first instance is in the bathroom where you could add a shower rug which absorbs water and reduces the chances of you slipping and falling when getting out of the bath or shower. Sticking to that uncertain situation if you notice that your floors get very slippery after being cleaned a rug could help with that situation. Also if you have or live with children and you have long hallways putting a runner in the hallway could help prevent injuries. As you place the runners, also remember to put liners underneath rugs to keep them firmly in place.

So I have this friend who lives in this apartment complex and every time I’m there we can hear everything that is going on in the apartment above his. Now it may not sound like a big deal until its 3 a.m. on a Monday, and the party in the flat is still going on. In most apartment complexes you move into you are required to cover 80% of the surfaces with carpets or rugs this isn’t to inconvenience you it’s to reduce the noise that goes into the apartments of those living below you. So get a rug and be courteous and get a rug it could be the reason why you were not invited to last year’s Christmas party.

Have you heard people say that houses with rugs or carpets have better air quality inside them than houses that have just hard floors? Well first of that person is not a rug salesman they have a point. This is because the carpets that are found in those houses act like filtration systems by pulling the airborne pollutants out of the air and trapping them in the carpet until they are removed by the vacuum cleaner that is used to clean those rugs and carpets. Getting a rug could help in homes that have people who have asthma. Also, these rugs help people that suffer from other allergies; this is because you could get a hypoallergenic rug or carpet which are made from natural and synthetic fibers such as wool and nylon whose fibers are not suitable for the survival of allergens within them. After you get a rug just make sure that you vacuum them front and back regularly. It is also important to get a professional carpet cleaning crew in once in a while.

This reason might not resonate with you, but rugs and carpets also allow you to welcome visitors into your house, most apartment complexes do not enable you to put carpets and rugs outside your door, but they have no rules against putting on inside your house. Everybody desires that decent home that will not bring shame when visitors drop by. Having great rugs in your home will change the overall appearance of the house making it more beautiful, appealing and welcoming. This especially by having great rugs that match the décor in the room and also the furniture. Having a nice welcome mat right at the door might help your visitors feel at home they could also use it to wipe their shoes before they enter the house thus keeping the house that little bit more on the clean side of things. It may not sound like much but just try it out and see what happens.

The thing about rugs and carpets is that you can get them in all sorts of shapes and sizes all types of colors all kinds of patterns I mean the options are almost endless, you could get a blue carpet with black boxes in the middle. You might be reading this wondering what I’m going on about well here it is carpets and rugs can be wonderful conversational pieces and starters. Someone could come oversee a rug that to them looks odd and start a conversation with you; it might sound far-fetched but knock till you try it.

So all in all, I think that buying a rug for your apartment or house is important, but at the end of the day it boils down to what you as the owner of the house or the person that has rented that apartment want.  If you’re okay with how the hardwood floors look and you don’t want to cover them up with rugs and carpets, then that is okay. I know of a family who got this apartment, and the floor in the kitchen had a massive stain on the floor. They didn’t get it removed or covered when I asked them why they had done that they told me that it showed the house had a history to them it revealed that it had heart, to most people that might sound corny or absurd but it’s what some people believe. You could, on the other hand, be that person who is finally moving out of your parent’s house and is trying to evaluate why you need or should get a few rugs for the house that you are moving into. If you are that person with the endless choices at your disposal I hope that this article convinces you to go out and buy a rug as you still tackle the decision of what kind of rug you want, how big or small it should be, what rug or carpet goes in what room.


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