Tips for Buying Rugs Online

Tips for Buying Rugs Online - The Rugs

Everyone has the first time that they bought a rug, they didn’t know what to look for, what size would be the best fit for what room inside the house. The matter becomes even trickier when you have to decide the rug to buy from an online site or shop.

So I’ve developed a sort of manual that will help people who are buying rugs from an online site. I hope that it comes in handy for whoever a first-time buyer or even individuals who got the tendency of buying all their stuff online.

The first tip I have for you I feel is underrated and thus overlooked by most people. Take time to do some research before you decide on the rug you want to buy and the site you want to use. Research doesn’t just mean going online to other sources and looking for the best price; it’s way more than that. It involves also asking people who you might know bought a rug online. However, even if you do not know someone who has bought one from an online source, there are plenty of online forums that will help you make an informed choice. Just like buying anything else online you have to make sure that whatever it is you are buying is first of sound quality. You don’t want purchase a rug then have it delivered to you and find that it has holes in it or a massive stain, trust me this happens to a lot of people. Another thing, research helps with is finding out if the site you are about to purchase your carpet from is credible. You could buy a rug from a source then end up paying for something else or find that you fell prey to one of the many online scams, or even worse buy a rug and have it delivered to you three years after you paid for the merchandise. Also as you do your research, check what material is best for what room even what kind of cleaning material is most effective for what material? You don’t want to buy a rug clean it for the first time, then have it completely lose all the patterns and color it had on it because the detergent you used was not the right one for that material. All in all, before buying anything you must do your research, this is the same when it comes to purchasing a rug, especially one from an online source.

The next tip I have for you is, carefully study the specifications of the rug you are interested in. This is vital especially when you are buying a rug from another country. Different countries use different metric systems, and thus, it is very important to check if the one used in the listing matches like the ones used in your country. If they use one that is different from your country you could always use an online application to change it to the metric system you are comfortable with. Never at any point and I repeat, never just wing it when it comes to the metric calculations, you don’t want to buy a rug thinking how you will place it in your living room then when it gets to your house it’s the size of a welcome mat. After establishing that the rug you want is the right size, take measurements of the room or area the rug will be placed when it arrives, you don’t wish for “the perfect rug” to be too big or too small for its intended place that you measured.

The other thing, people find it tricky when they are buying rugs online is the shipping price or cost. Now, this is where most people get stuck and end up paying through the nose for something they initially thought was a bargain. What makes most online purchases expensive is the shipping costs that you are required to pay if you buy something from an international seller. Though some sellers and sites offer free shipping, most of them do not. Before you click on add to cart or buy you should check how much the shipping cost is because a bargain quickly becomes an expense after the shipping cost is factored in. Now you may be wondering how do I know how much the shipping cost is. Well, some sites calculate the shipping cost using the weight of whatever you are buying while others use the distance to determine how much you pay. These two methods are pretty much the same so prices shouldn’t vary that much, it all comes down to the site and which one they prefer to use.

It could also help when buying a rug online if you, read every word you see in the particular listing, now this may sound like the first tip I gave you about doing your research, but it is entirely different. You may do your research diligently but end up making a mistake at almost the last step; this is one of those steps. Some sellers might use very many words in their description of the rug or on the listing, PLEASE PLEASE!! Read through every single word you see. Some people hide certain things about the rug in those long descriptions, others will confuse you by using colorful words to catch your eye and then use less colorful words to describe certain crucial information about the rug. The difference between you ending up with a rug that you’ll love and one that has an odor or a large stain is reading through the particulars that the Seller has put in the description of the item.

The other thing that can help you purchase a rug online is the contacts provided. In most cases, the contacts in the specific list of sellers contain emails, addresses, and phone contacts, with all the information that might make you doubt your choice and preference. It is important to write a mail or make a call or even visit the place by yourself for assurance. People in -change of the delivery and information are always the one to receive the calls or reply the mails hence you can get additional information about the doubts you may have on your interest type of rug.

However, while making this calls ask for your specific questions, for example, if you need a shaggy and hand tufted rug or if you need a hide rug and of course on the hide specify if whether it’s a sheep’s hide, cowhide or even the leopard one. Sometimes the shop might lack the one you want, but they can order or direct you to the right place for your rug of which most cases are imported from Africa or Asia.

The other factor which is important if you can provide pictures and videos of the rugs you want or seen somewhere and you’re in need of the same the better because this will be very descriptive and precise hence the shops will have no option but to have you brought the correct order. Most importantly avoid night or evening delivery after you’ve ordered due to blackmails and fakeness. Ensure you’ve set a date and time for the purchase and delivery, and ensure that before any transaction is done that you got enough information about the rug shop and the delivery even if it means asking again and again around if whether anybody has had any purchase from the online sells. Apparently, you should also insist on having records and receipt of the rugs as they are being delivered so that in case of any damage you can claim a new one or reimbursement of your money in case you are not satisfied with the goods.

The other thing is also how the communication channels are if it’s a consisted type of channel then you can trust the people but if they keep on and off thus indicates that there is no rust or truth in the items hence you may reconsider your options before making a further step. An excellent customary service contains follow-ups and few emails or phone calls here and there to ensure satisfaction for their customers. An excellent online shopping has a lot of follow-ups especially from the shop or the company that is concerned. They should make sure that their clients are well served and feed with full information about the goods before any order is placed down.

These are the things I think will help anyone out there who is buying a rug online, whether it is your first time doing something like this or you do it often. Like I said, when I started, there is always something you could learn or even need to be reminded o when making online purchases of any kind. It will be an honor to me, and I wish that after reading this expose, you will be more confident and sure as you go about picking the perfect rug for your house or even for someone else as a gift.


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