How to purchase a Great Rug

How to purchase a Great Rug - The Rugs

Every person wants a decent and presentable home that will bring no shame when a friend drops by to visit. The general aesthetic appearance defines the beauty of a home from a well-preserved lawn to the interior of the house. A tasty beautiful and appealing interior can be brought about by having lovely rugs that match other vital things in the house. This is where we must be careful when purchasing rugs. You do not just buy a rug for the sake of having one; you must consider essential elements such as just how well maybe does the floor mat match with the color of the room and the floor. After accessing all these parameters, you will be in a position to select the right colors of your rugs.

Another factor to consider while purchasing a great rug is the size of the room that you need a rug for. Rugs come in different shapes and size meant for diverse areas and various locations in a home. Therefore, before making a decision to buy a certain rug one ought to consider its shape and size and how compatible it is with the area it is supposed to serve. By doing this, you will buy a great rug that will serve its purpose to the best of expectations. Take the floor measurements that will determine the size of the rag. Taking measurement for specific areas that you intend to buy rugs for is highly advisable as it enhances perfection.

The sole purpose of a rag is to add beauty and style in the area of use. Therefore, the rug must be great and fully serve its purpose as per the expectations. While purchasing a rag, one must consider all these factors. The design of the rug should be of one’s desire with good texture, color, style and right size satisfying all your requirements for a great rug.

Another important factor to consider while planning to purchase a great rag is the cost of the rug. There are diverse types of rugs with different tag prices depending on their quality, and here one have to buy a great rug that is within his limits. Luckily rugs have good affordable prices and serve their purpose to the best and are durable depending on the quality.

The area in the house to lay the rug also should be given much thought before making a decision to purchase that great rug. A rug meant for playroom maybe for the kids should not be too much bright due to the dirt acquired during playing and thus making it not a suitable choice for this particular area. A dull and more durable rug will do for a playroom. Rugs should match the color of the décor and the furniture present in the house.

The design of the house also determines the rug to be purchased. It also indicates the size of the rug required. Take for example the living room area, the choice of a big rug that covers the entire living area going under the furniture like the couch or just a small one that is placed beneath the table at the center. A wool rug is more appropriate for this choice. High traffic areas need a more suitable texture like Berber, and those rugs that won't visit lots of traffic may benefit from Saxony that is velvety and soft although Saxony leaves vacuum marks for the rug.

The quality and durability of a rug is also an important factor to put into consideration before purchasing a great rug. You do not want to buy a rug that will only serve you for a while, and then the rug’s worth and value starts deteriorating meaning that you will have to dig back into your pocket and purchase an another rug to replace it. Thus it is crucial to evaluate a rugs quality and its durability before making a decision to purchase it. This will ensure that the rug that you buy will meet all your preferences and serve its purpose to the intended area of use. Different regions in the house require diverse taste and choices of a rug, like a playroom will need a more durable rug of a higher quality than a rug meant for the bedroom.

If you want to make a perfect decision for a great rug, you will have to pay a visit to the store where you will find a collection of diverse varieties of mats. Take your time to evaluate them according to your taste and preferences guided by their texture, color, quality and durability. Rugs with denser knots are more appropriate, and more so the ones that have been hand stitched giving the rug a more durable aspect making it a perfect choice. Most of them come with expensive designs and style that will give your home a whole new look that even the neighbor and the visitor will enquire for the store you bought the rugs from to some of them too.

For those people who love a simple kind of life in their homes and enjoy moving around the house barefooted, then they need to be more precise in choosing their rugs since their lifestyle calls for rugs with more particular qualities. Rugs with a soft texture that will not hurt their feet and that will be comfortable to step on. This is also to avoid stepping on the cold floor that might cause some illnesses like the cold. A great rug for this kind of a situation I would recommend on that has a Berber texture since here the texture of the rug is very vital and should be given much consideration. Berber texture perfectly fits for the people who wish to walk barefooted in the house, and it is also easy to clean and does not leave vacuum marks after cleaning making it the best choice of a great rug.

Another important thing that will help you in purchasing a great rug is having a sound knowledge of the various diverse types of rugs, their texture, materials that make them and this will help you in determining the best choice of rug that will feel right under your feet and its durability and quality. Also, you should be acquainted with the weaving techniques and know the best techniques that produce a great rug of your taste.

Hand knotted

This is considered as one among the best method of making rugs which have been used over a long period in history. Under this technique, rugs are produced by tying rug fibers are linked on a loom by the use of hands. Therefore, this technique provides the best choice of quality, great rug suitable for all areas in your home. It produces heirloom quality built to last a long time. These rugs are a bit expensive due to their distinct features and qualities though this is no problem since the rug serves its purpose to the best and gives you the best services thus the cost don’t matter after all.

Machine made

This technique uses a machine to produce rugs by using computerized power looms to weave them. Most of the rugs made using this technique are more resistance to stains since they are made with synthetic fibers. The rugs also are sold at a low price. Rugs made using the machine technique are mostly employed in areas with little foot traffic like under dining tables and in the bedrooms to avoid jeopardizing the pile.


In this technique, the rugs are produced by cutting the tops of the loops yarn to make a flat plush surface and then the tufted pile is later incorporated to a latex back-up. These rugs are also offered at a lower price at rugs collection stores making them budget friendly to many. Tufted rugs, however, need regular vacuuming routine and are vulnerable to shedding.

Diverse kinds of rugs also come with different materials making them distinct from each other thus it is up to you to make a choice of your excellent choice of rug. This by the various levels of durability, softness, price and stain resistance and this are things to consider before purchasing a great rug.


Wool material is the most available fiber that is used in producing rugs; this is because cotton is naturally resistant to stains, affordable, soft and durable. Wool also possesses high insulation properties and has excellent retention of heat. It is also important to note that wool rugs require regular vacuuming routine and are also vulnerable to shedding.

Natural fibers

The natural fiber material is obtained from sea grass, sisal, jute, and bamboo. These materials are the most commonly used due to their many advantages that include the fact that they are environmentally friendly and thus help conserve the precious environment. Natural fibers are more applicable in dry rooms since they are not so easy to clean.

After considering all these qualities, you will be in a position purchase a great rug.


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