What are Hypoallergenic Rugs?

What are Hypoallergenic Rugs? - The Rugs

Every so often I get asked the question, what are hypoallergenic rugs, if I have allergies will they affect me? Are they expensive? Must I get a prescription to buy one, yes that last question is real I’m not making it up, believe me, I wish I was. Before I go on let me explain what the term hypoallergenic means, according to Wikipedia the term hypoallergenic refers to items or products especially textiles and cosmetics that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic reactions. For those of you who might not know what the term allergen refers to, an allergen is a substance that causes an allergic reaction.

Now before you go out there to buy a rug and get an allergy then come back here and call me a liar, the term has no scientific backing and although it causes fewer allergic reactions products made from hypoallergenic materials could still cause allergic reactions.

A question you might also have is, what kind of materials are hypoallergenic? Well, there are some materials including polyester and nylon which are also used to make cloths and bags and whose fibers repel allergens this is because they are non-organic and offer an inhospitable environment wool is also a great material to use. Nylon is the most effective allergy controlling carpet fibre whereas non-hypoallergenic materials should be avoided if you are looking for something that is hypoallergenic this because allergens can thrive in these kinds of materials.

Finding rugs like these isn’t that hard on account of they are mass produced and as such are available everywhere. Now I know that when you hear the term mass produced you think of cheap low-quality products, but this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to choosing a hypoallergenic rug.

A question I hear people ask often is what kind of quality do these rugs have, the answer to this issue is not as straightforward as you might think this is because the hypoallergenic rugs are made from different materials, these materials differ in quality. If you buy a wool rug, the quality will almost always be good however if you purchase a rug that has been made from synthetic materials then the quality will not be as good as the wool rug however it will be good. When choosing a rug just like any other item with more than one option, you tend to pick the one that you prefer for some people the softness of wool is what they are looking for whereas other people prefer the stronger feeling of synthetic materials. The quality of these rugs varies however just like any other product out there your preference will determine the type of rug that you buy.

Now after all this information you might still ask yourself if there are any advantages of buying hypoallergenic rugs well let me try and help you answer that question. First, hypoallergenic rugs like I said before are made from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon and as such are cheap to make which means that they can be mass produced, the fact that they can be mass produced means they are easily and readily available almost anywhere, which means that you can literally walk into a gas station and buy a rug for your house.

Hypoallergenic rugs are also not expensive; this still goes back to the point I made about materials that they are made from because they are made from synthetic materials the cost of making these rugs is not high and as such the price isn’t high either. Have you ever walked into a store looked at carpet prices and thought to yourself since when did rugs become a small scale investment with hypoallergenic rugs you need not worry, they will fit into your budgets no matter how tight it is.

The other advantage is the most obvious it alludes to what I’ve been talking about throughout this article, the fact that hypoallergenic rugs reduce the chances of you getting allergic reactions. Have you ever walked by a lovely rug that ticked every box including the all-important price box but you couldn’t buy it because you have asthma and you weren’t sure if the rug would cause it to act up? Well with a hypoallergenic rug you need not worry about things like that now you can buy a good rug take it home with you without worrying about allergic reactions.

So the next advantage of these rugs is that they are almost stain resistant and dust proof, this is great because if you have kids especially young kids then you know how hard it is to keep stains off the rugs and carpets in the house, these carpets are also more durable than other types of rugs, I know this one guy whose had a carpet in his bedroom for almost ten years and it still looks brand new, it’s the longest relationship that he has had. So if you get one of these you should have it for a long time before it wears out, the only way you’ll need a new on is if you get bored of the one you already have or want a bigger one.

I’m sure that there are some of you who are thinking that these rugs aren’t as beautiful as the ones that cause allergic reactions well let me be the first to tell you that is not true, the fact that they are synthetic means that the number of colors, style variations, and patterns is almost endless. If there is one place where the term spoilt for choice is not an exaggeration it is here. You probably have better chances of finding a hypoallergenic rug than any other kind.

Did you know that wool is a natural noise insulator? This means that it keeps your house from echoing and also helps to maintain the noise from the outside coming into the house. So if you’ve been looking for an insulator, this could help you out.

You remember earlier on when I talked about how we see expensive rug and think why they’re so expensive, well another really good thing about owning a hypoallergenic rug made of wool is that they can last for up to fifty years this means that finding an antique wool rug is not impossible, now here’s where the investment thing comes into play. Antique rugs like any other thing that is antique are of value which means you could fetch a buck or two from the sale of the antique rug you got from a garden sale last summer, so they don’t just look good they also appreciate in value.

As we all know wool is very classy or upmarket so for those of you, who hear mass produced and think low quality get that thought out of your head. Some of the best rugs I have ever seen are mass produced and even though they are the quality is not jeopardized at all.

Some of these rugs are homemade and handmade by people who own start-up companies so by buying that rug you saw in the mall you might just be supporting a small and upcoming entrepreneur in your area. Even if it’s not handmade made in someone’s small shop it is still made by people who work in the factories that mass produce these carpets so in a way by buying that rug you are contributing positively to the reduction of unemployment in whatever area that company is situated in.

These rugs can be used all over the house in different rooms because of the various sizes that are available in the stores, you could buy a floor rug for your living room which is thicker than the one in your dining room or you could get a rug that has patterns that match with the stitching on your blankets in your bedroom or the one that matches your shower curtain, the options are absolutely endless it’s amazing.

The world of hypoallergenic rugs as you’ve seen here is great. Not only do these rugs cause almost no allergies they also come in a variation of materials that would leave anyone spoilt for choice, but you could also get the wool rug or the nylon rug you saw at your friend’s house last week you could get the pink one or the white one with black squares. The variety isn’t the only thing that’s great about these rugs it’s also the fact that these rugs are so easily accessible and long lasting they are a bargain for anyone looking to buy a rug, I mean you could even make a profit from selling the ones you bought at that yard sale last summer. Whatever rug you choose to buy I’m sure that it will be exactly what you need.

I hope that some of the questions that you had have been answered after you read this piece.

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